SKS Rifle Sights

Aperture Sights for the SKS Rifle – Steel Frame Assembly

  • Does not require drilling or tapping to create a solid mount to the receiver.
  • Mounts the sight closer to the shooter’s eye, giving the shooter a sight picture similar to the M1 Garand and M16 military rifles.
  • Increases the sighting radius by 10″ over sights mounted in front of the receiver.
  • Returns to zero after removal.
  • Uses incremental windage adjustment with rugged detent locking.
  • The TS100 utilizes apertures (both .062 dia.) from the time proven M16A1 rifle. This gives the shooter a wide choice of apertures including National Match, Tritium, Combat, etc.
  • The TS200 includes a single elevation adjustable aperture (.062 dia.) with detent locking.
  • The steel sight frame is constructed of high strength steel with black oxide finish and black oxide steel components.
  • Patented design.

Sight Adjustment TS100 Rev B Steel (PDF)
Sight Adjustment TS200 Steel 86644 Rev A (PDF)
Assembly Sheet TS100 & TS200 (PDF)


TS100 Steel Frame – $68.00

  • Standard dual (.062)apertures:0-200 yards and 300 + yards. Both apertures are .062 but one is taller.
  • (Norinco rifles require more elevation adjustment than the TS100, use the TS200 on Norinco rifles)

SKS TS100 steel base

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TS200 Steel Frame – $82.00

  • Instead of a dual flip aperture, it uses a single elevation adjustable aperture which allows windage and elevation adjustments at the rear sight.

SKS TS200 steel base

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video_review_iconSKS Sight YouTube Video Review
NUTNFANCY recently did a review titled “SKS Tech-Sights: Hit Something” He discusses Tech-Sights for the SKS rifle. Visit YouTube to view the video here.
nutnfancyVideo courtesy of The Nutnfancy Project. See for other high quality, unbiased gear reviews and gear adventures. Used with permission.

Greetings Tech-Sights,
Last year I purchased a TS200 for my Russian SKS rifle. While several SKS owners thought that I took away from the looks of my SKS, they quickly saw how much more accurate the SKS became using this rear peep sight system that should have been standard on the SKS from its birth.
You just can not help hold center and hit POA using the TS200 sight. It is by far the best sight created for the SKS rifle, BAR NONE!
I will be hunting in Hawaii on the Big Island in some real thick stuff for pigs and goats. I have no doubt just how the rifle will perform in those conditions.
Just wanted to give you an update and my opinion on the TS200.Jon in Montana

Just finished evaluating the new SKS sight. Got two from these folks. Installation was fairly easy – hardest part is removing the factory rear sight from my Norinco SKS. The rear sight is secured by a bolt. Very simple to mount.Practical accuracy was vastly improved and getting 1.5 inch groups with Federal softpoint ammo was no problem. Best groups formerly were about 3 inches. (That was at 60 yards from a bench)
Three RKIs I showed the rifle/sight system to were very impressed. I’m very impressed and highly recommend them.
A.T., Columbia, South Carolina

I just wanted to thank you and laud praise upon your development of a dynamite sight system for the SKS. I have tried many different sight systems and so far, you have stole the show. I purchased one of your sights in February and installation was a breeze. I have a Yugoslav SKS and with your sight and hand load development, I shot a 0.93 inch group at 100 yards (two groups of three shots) yesterday at the Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club.I never thought that I could achieve accuracy this good with the SKS using iron sights. Your product has helped me reach that goal and I would not hesitate at all to use this system for hunting applications.
Thanks again for a terrific sight system and I greatly look forward to a deer hunt or two with this setup.Robert N., North Carolina