Ruger 10/22 Aperture Sights


      • 8″ Longer Sighting Radius
      • Rear Sight Base mounts solidly to the rear of the receiver utilizing the existing tapped scope base holes.
      • TSR100 comes standard with dual apertures (.062) and is compatible with M16/AR15 apertures.
      • TSR200 allows for additional elevation adjustment at the rear sight.
      • Uses incremental windage adjustment with rugged detent locking.
      • Front sight tower comes standard with an incremental detent adjustable AR15 type post designed for the AR15. This gives the shooter a wide variety of post designs.

1. These sights will also fit the old model Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine.
2. The TSR100 & TSR200 will not seat properly on the Brownells BRN-22 receivers. Instead, our TSR200RL “Rail Sight” can be used with the “Ruger Combination (90329) Scope Base” on the BRN-22 receivers.

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Ruger 10/22 Rail Aperture Sights



close up rear

Model TSR100

Dual leaf flip apertures
0-2 is short range aperture

Colors for illustration purposes only

Model TSR200

Single elevation adjustable aperture

Colors for illustration purposes only
TSR100 web TSR100 Aperture Sight for Ruger 10/22 – $59.00 (includes front and rear sight)

$59.00Add to cart

TSR200 new combo TSR200 Aperture Sight for Ruger 10/22 – $69.00 (includes front and rear sight)
Comes STANDARD with Extended National Front Post – allowing for shooting at shorter ranges.

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PDF File of Assembly Instructions –   Click Here!


What a sight!!! In the past twenty five years I have tested and evaluated hundreds of firearms accessories including dozens of sighting systems for magazine articles. I could honestly say “finally, someone came up with truly affordable, extremely functional and incredibly rugged precision iron sights for the 1022 and SKS. Knowledgeable shooters who admire a quality product specially designed to match or exceed those devices found on high end precision rifles will truly appreciate the Tech-Sight systems. After testing and evaluating the Tech-Sights installed in my own rifles compared to other similar devices out there, I can only say one thing – “Nothing even comes close”. My grouping easily shrank by half from 25 to 100 meters – incredible improvement in accuracy, thanks to those clear sight pictures. I believe in giving credit to where credit is due. So affordable, yet very sophisticated. Tech- Sight products are indeed the very best there is that is available for the 10/22 and SKS rifles. I look forward to see more innovations from you.
J.M. Ramos – Author, Tactical Ruger 10/22 (Paladin Press)

Mounted on my Ruger 10/22 takedown, approximately two years ago. Excellent sight system. Returns to zero after takedown. Also purchased the sight tools. Quality product.
L.G., New Jersey

I put your sights on my 10/22 over ten years ago, I am not sure exactly when I got them anymore. Anyway, I LOVE THESE SIGHTS. just saying. I can shoot my rifle consistently pinging targets between 4-8″ at 100 yds. The stock sights and scopes were not as easy for me. Plus it gives the gun a M1 Carbine look that I like. If you guys ever design a sight for the Mosin Nagant I will definitely pick up a set.
Again, a great sight, thanks for making my 10/22 experience an awesome one.
Randy B.

I have your TSR100 sights on 2 of my Ruger 10/22s. One is for an M1 Carbine tribute I built for my 81 year old dad, a veteran US paratrooper.
Your product is EXCELLENT in concept, design, and construction!
They have given us a few more usable shooting years. They are sights for (old) sore eyes!
Please keep up the great work!
Jerry L.

I received my TSR200 sights a few days ago. After mounting according to the directions, snugging everything up, I went to the range yesterday. I must say these sights are THE BEST THING SINCE THE 10/22 WAS INVENTED!
I set this rifle up to shoot at 25yd AQT targets and my buddy is doing the same thing. We want to shoot more and save the centerfire ammo. To obtain an initial zero, I shot off of a rest at 25yds, was getting one hole groups. I have scoped, bull-barrel 10/22s and this one shoots as well as the others with your sights!
I want to thank you for a product that Ruger should have put on the 10/22 when it was introduced. You folks have made plinking and training fun again! Now, I hope you would introduce some sights similar for the 77/22, if the demand was great enough. Maybe something that fit on the back scope mount on the receiver!
Anyway, thanks much and I can’t wait to get back to the range!
E. S., Morganton, NC

Good day,
I just wanted to write to thank you for making my 10/22 fun again. I’d built up a scoped, heavy barreled rifle, with trigger job, and then I decided that shooting with a scope was dull.
A month or so ago I ordered your TSR100 with bull barrel adapter and I am very, very pleased with the results. This thing is a tack driver with great balance. The sights work perfectly at 50 and 100 yards.
Thanks again.
C.V., Brookings, SD

Thank you so much for your excellent TSR200 sight. I put it on my Mannlicher-stocked Ruger 10/22 and have been shooting quite well with it ever since. I was sold on it as soon as I realized it gets maximum sight radius out of the rifle, but once I zeroed I realized that the simplicity and rugged design are worth every penny. Thanks again for a great product!
J.B., Bloomington, IN

I just wanted to say thanks. I really like the sights I bought from you on my 10/22. Made the sight picture so much clearer and added some radius to my sight picture.
B.L., Kyle, TX

Sorry about taking so long to do a review on this wonderful product (I’ve owned mine for over two years now) I’ve just had too much fun playing with my 10/22TD. Along with the upgraded sights I also added one of Rugers target triggers at the same time. This sweetheart actually thinks she’s a bull barreled target rifle, and I just don’t have the heart to tell her different. At 25yds she cuts one ragged hole all day long regardless of load. At 50yds with CCI high velocity loads she’ll keep everything inside 1/4″ as long as the Oklahoma winds co-operate. I just found out that Tech-Sights is offering reduced size apertures, so I’ll be ordering these to try out on my little sweetheart to see what magic she can perform!!! Tech-Sights keep up the good work, and come out with some sights for the Henry Rifles!!!!
Thank you,

There are many different sights for the 10/22 platform. I like classic battle sights. When I saw that you offered different size peep holes, it was easy to make my choice the TSR-200. The install was clean. The solid model drawings in the instructions are clear and make set up a snap. After about 20 shots I had my sight picture perfect. My favorite target is spent shotgun shells standing on end. I was picking them off at 25 yards with little to no effort. At 50 yards I was holding 1” groups. I handed the rifle to my friends and now they are addicted to battles sights.

(Note) the TSR-200 sights are installed on my 10/22 takedown. I have no problem getting the rifle to return to zero after repeated takedowns and field strip cleanings. I would recommend this set up to all takedown users.
R. Kennelly

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