Marlin 60 & 795, Rossi RS22 and Rossi Rio Bravo Synthetic Adjustable Aperture Sights

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  • “GI” type post and aperture sight picture.
  • Increases sight radius by 6”.
  • Includes front and rear sight.
  • Rear sight Windage & Elevation adjustable with detent locking.
  • Easy installation with no drilling or tapping required.


Q – I want to buy the TSM200 for my Marlin model 60, do I need one of your tools to adjust the sight and if so which one?

A – The windage can usually be adjusted with your fingers and if it is a little stiff a penny in the slot of the windage screw will work. The elevation dial can be moved with a pointed object like the tip of a golf tee. The TS211 has a small spanner wrench on it that will work on the elevation dial and the windage knob so it makes the job easier. (See Accessories).

Q – Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Papoose Model 70P and 70PSS?

A – Yes it will also fit the Marlin 70HC and 75C.

Q – Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Model 99M1?

A – The rear sight will clamp on the receiver. The original front sight will need to be removed and a hole drilled and tapped in the barrel to mount the front sight from the TSM200 sight package.

Q – Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Model 995?

A – Yes it will fit the Model 995.

Q – Will your TSM200 fit the Rossi RS22?

A – Yes it will fit the Rossi RS22.

Q – Will your TSM200 sight fit the Rossi Rio Bravo lever action and Gallery pump?

A – Yes, but only the synthetic stock model, not the wooden stock model.


Assembly Instructions (PDF)

16 reviews for Marlin 60 & 795, Rossi RS22 and Rossi Rio Bravo Synthetic Adjustable Aperture Sights

  1. admin

    NUTNFANCY review – Marlin 795 rifle.

    He discusses Tech-Sights for the Marlin at 19:30 in the timeline of the video. To visit YouTube and watch the video, click here.

    Video courtesy of The Nutnfancy Project. See for other high quality, unbiased gear reviews and gear adventures. Used with permission.

  2. admin

    Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle Review
    Photos and review by Oleg Volk.
    Click HERE.

  3. JJ

    Excellent sights! I use my Marlin to shoot small game and it is dead on accurate. I thought it would kind of be overkill for a $200 gun, but definitely worth it!

  4. RB

    I purchased this for an older refurbished Marlin “Glenfield” model 60. The Tech Sights greatly improved the accuracy of the gun over the factory sights, which were difficult to use. The gun is now a joy to shoot. I highly recommend this sight for anyone who wants to improve the accuracy of their model 60 without having to purchase a scope.

  5. JC

    The Tech Sights greatly improved the accuracy of my Marlin model 60. I noticed that the factory rear sights moved a lot over the course of several shots and were not reliable. The TS provide a longer sight radius, better sight picture, and tremendous accuracy and precision. The sights came nearly zeroed in the box. Held up very well when compared to a budget scope on a buddy’s AR platform firing .22 lr.
    Definitely recommend the TSM 200!

  6. Jay Brooks

    These sights are vast improvement over the stock sights. Besides providing a much longer sight radius, the ghost ring type sight is easier to use accurately compared to any buck horn type sight. The Marlin 60 is a very accurate rifle. Having owned several over the years I find that the barrels are very good, especially considering their price. These sights allows one to take full advantage of the Marlin 60’s capability. The adjustments on the tech sights are precise and they hold the adjustment very firmly. This feature comes at the cost of the adjustment mechanism being rather stiff. I offer that as an observation, not a criticism. A Marlin 60 isn’t a match rifle where one will be twiddling with sight adjustment every trip to the range. For small game and plinking, the Marlin 60’s intended purpose, these sights are perfect–set it and forget it. I recommend them very highly.

  7. Kristian Sierson

    I’ve been wanting to write a review for a while now. I added a set to my Marlin 795. I think you make a great product well worth the money! I will be adding these to every one of my guns you make a set for! Well worth the investment! Thank you,

  8. Balls

    Love this sight! I have several and they have all worked to hit small targets at various ranges. Workmanship is top grade. Well worth the $. I was hesitant to spend the money on a rifle that cost me about $120 brand new, but it really did help to get impressive accuracy from my 795. Altogether it is part of a very light and handy package.

  9. DLC

    I have to be very careful where I spend my money… This was money well spent. Fit and finish are perfect. Like looking down range with my M14 again….

  10. Eric R (verified owner)

    I purchased a Marlin 99-M1 as an heirloom for my grandsons. The mechanism and barrel just needed a really thorough cleaning and the walnut stock looks fantastic after refinishing. As with most of the few of these you can find these days, was missing the rear sight. Decided the Tech-Sights would really compliment the M-1 look of this rifle and that they do. The accuracy of this little rifle with these sights is truly amazing. Just for fun, added one of the cotton slings available from Tech-Sights.
    Great products!

  11. drpendroy (verified owner)

    #1. The main thing to recommend & thank Tech-Sights for is selling their sights as a pair, with both rear sight, and matching front sight post of correct height for each rifle. Other peep-sight makers will not even recommend a specific or recommended or needed height of front sight post.

    #2. Both windage and elevation were quite close on first shot, each only about 3/4 inch off from perfect bullseye center. Just a few clicks was all needed, and I did use a tiny needle nose pliers and a golf tee and did not need the special tool.

    This is a high quality product, easily installed, easily zeroed, well worth the money & I would highly recommend it. Haven’t shot a peep sight since my Army days & was pleased how well and easily it is to see through it and shoot accurately on my Marlin 60 which is a surprisingly accurate rifle.

  12. Pedro “Peter” Lira Jr

    I’ve had these sights on my Grandfathers 1977 marlin/glenfield model 60 for 7-8 years. I haven’t used the rifle in 4 years, because the feed throat broke. After replacing the feed throat and upgrading the cartridge lifter to the new style and refinishing the whole rifle last week, I’ve come to really appreciate these tech sights! So what if the rifle was given to or if you bought one for $100-$200 this is great improvement for the rifle and you will enjoy it a lot more with these sights! Well worth the cost.

  13. Jason K

    Purchased these for an event which focuses on expert marksmanship. These sights are very high quality and definitely worth the money. If you’re serious about making accurate shots, get these sights.

  14. Shane G.

    I replaced a 4X scope with tech sights on my old model 60. Absolutely love them, I am at least as accurate as I was with the scope & shooting with peep sights is just plain fun. An added bonus is the 2 or so inches of extra height removing the scope cut from the rifle.

  15. Anthony

    I purchased these sights over a year ago for my Marlin 795 but only recently attended my first Appleseed Event. These performed very well, much better than I did, in fact. No fault of the sights; I am just a novice shooter. The sights were easy to install and fairly easy to zero. I would recommend these without hesitation.

  16. RTS

    Fantastic! Have them on my Mini-14 and my Marlin 795.

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