Adjustable Front Sight Tower for M14/M1A Scout Rifle

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tsm14 installed 2 sight installation 2


  • Precision elevation adjustment
  • Detent locking
  • All Steel construction
  • M16/AR compatible post
  • .047 post size
  • Adjustable Height .648 – .749
  • Correct height for M1A Scout Rifle
  • Made in the USA


Click  for PDF file: Instruction sheet

1 review for Adjustable Front Sight Tower for M14/M1A Scout Rifle

  1. Glennkon

    Turned my ugly front sight brick into a clear, crisp set of irons. This is an absolutely massive upgrade for an m14.

    Having bad sights on a good rifle is like having cheap, worn-out tires on a high performance car.

    If you’re not familiar with m14’s, the front sight is basically a 3/32nds block of minimally refined metal. It was designed for covering a man sized target at a certain distance to increase the average soldier’s hit probability in combat. Fine for foot soldier wars, but not the best for hunting.

    So marksmanship wise, I felt like I was getting close, but not all the way there with my m14..

    This product changed that.

    I now feel like I can pick which blade of grass to hit at 50 yards in the bush. I’ve had to double check my barrel sometimes, because I just couldn’t believe that I was stacking rounds through the same hole at the range.

    So yeah, I definitely recommend trying this front pin adapter. It makes this lovely old pig my go to, rather than my backup.

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