Q – Will the SKS sight return to zero after removal?

A – Yes – When properly adjusted at installation the TS100 and TS200 will return to zero upon reassembly.

Q- Which model Tech-SIGHTS is best for my SKS?

A- We recommend the TS200 due to the extra elevation adjustability of the model. The TS100 relies on elevation adjustments to be made on the SKS front sight. The TS100 works fine on most models, however due to manufacturing variations some rifles may require lowering the front post far enough to get a zero that the front post becomes hard to see. The Norinco Paratrooper model is a short barreled model that usually requires the extra elevation adjustments provided by the TS200 in order to keep a good sight picture.

Q- Will I have to modify my stock to install a Tech-SIGHTS TS100 or TS200 sight on my SKS rifle?

A- Most of the original Russian and Chinese military stocks will not require fitting to install the TS100 or TS200 models. Yugoslavian models tend to have a heavier stock and in rare cases may require the stock to be trimmed slightly to clear the new sight. After market stock may have to be fitted as well. For instance the TapcoT6 stock works well but does require a little fitting. Some special edition SKSs like the Norinco Sportster will also require fitting.

Q – Does your sight mount to the receiver cover on the SKS?

A – No – the TS100 and TS200 SKS sights mount solidly to the receiver and are not affected by the movement of the receiver cover.

Q – How does the front sight for the Ruger 10/22 attach to the rifle?

A – Remove the existing front sight by using a brass punch to tap on the base of the front sight. Drive the front sight blade out of the dovetail socket. Our front sight tower has a dovetail machined into the assembly. Using a brass punch, tap the new sight tower into the dovetail slot until it is centered on the barrel. Screws are included to secure the sight to the barrel.

Q – What size sighting hole do the apertures come with?

A – All of our sights come with .062 diameter aperture openings.

Q – I am setting up a Ruger 10/22 as a Liberty Training Rifle. Do you recommend the TSR100 or TSR200 Tech-Sight?

A – Either model work for the LTR. Some prefer the TSR200 for the elevation adjustment capability at the rear sight, but both work well.

Q – How much will each click move my point of impact?

A – Each click is going to be approximately 5/8” minute of angle (MOA). The click adjustments on the windage & elevation are the same MOA.

Q – I am interested in your rear sight system for my ak74 polish tantal. Is the AK-47 style compatible with those rifles? A lot of AK 47 accessories are not compatible with the 74 tantals.

A – Yes our AK sight will fit the AK74 and Tantal models.

Q – Do you have a model that will fit the Saiga-12?

A – We don’t have a model for the Saiga-12. The shotgun uses different components than the rifle.

Q – Do you have aperture sights for a Savage Model 24 Rifle/Shotgun Combo?

A – Unfortunately we do not have anything to fit the Savage 24.