for the 200 Series Tech-SIGHTS

These two changeable aperture sizes allow the shooter to customize the sight picture for shooting conditions or preference.


  • Easily replaces the existing .062 diameter aperture in all 200 Series Tech-SIGHTS.
  • Two larger sizes available.
  • All steel construction.
  • TS211 tool recommended for easier removal and installation of apertures.


Q – Will the larger apertures fit the Tech-SIGHTS 100 series sights?
A – No, they require the elevation on adjustable aperture assembly (TS220) which is standard in our 200 series sights.

PDF File of Assembly Instructions – Click Here.


TS00134 – Aperture .062” diameter (Comes standard in all 200 model sights)

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TS00405 – Aperture .086” diameter

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TS00227 – Aperture .125” diameter

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TS211 – Sight Tool for Adjusting 200 Model Sights

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