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Tech-SIGHTS, LLC has produced two rugged, precise sighting solutions for the SKS rifle with the following features:

  • Does not require drilling or tapping to create a solid mount to the receiver.
  • Mounts the sight closer to the shooter’s eye, giving the shooter a sight picture similar to the M1 Garand and M16 military rifles.
  • Increases the sighting radius by 10″ over sights mounted in front of the receiver.
  • Returns to zero after removal.
  • Uses incremental windage adjustment with rugged detent locking.
  • The TS100 utilizes apertures (both .062 dia.) from the time proven M16A1 rifle. This gives the shooter a wide choice of apertures including National Match, Tritium, Combat, etc.
  • The TS200 includes a single elevation adjustable aperture (.062 dia.) with detent locking.
  • The steel sight frame is constructed of high strength steel with black oxide finish and black oxide steel components.
  • Patented design.


Assembly Instructions (PDF)


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    Took my TS100 out to the range again today on my Yugo. Keep in mind that my eyes are NOT very good any more, but I put all 100 rounds inside the 7-ring at 50 yds. The vast majority though, were inside the 8-ring. The range master was giving me a hard time about “rapid fire”. He insisted that I’d need at least three seconds between shots. I asked him if I could prove that I could put 10 rounds in the 10-ring in10 seconds, would he would let me continue to shoot that way. He agreed, so I put up a new target and easily proved it. He asked to try it and was VERY impressed as to how quickly your sight allows the shooter to get back on target. He gave me no more grief about “rapid fire.”
    W.R., Jacksonville, Florida

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    My Yugo is shooting very well with your sight. Original sights w/Wolf ammo gave me 5-6″ ten shot groups at 100 yards. With your sight and Wolf ammo, I consistently averaged 3-3.5″ 10 shot groups with 1 or 2 flyers (usually 6 or more inches from the group). I tried out Federal’s American Eagle and Winchester’s 123gr FMJ today. The American Eagle consistently shoots 2.75″ ten shot groups (no flyers), which is the limit of my ability at 100 yards.
    I’ll keep my eyes open for the elevation-adjustable model. I’ll likely get one for my Norinco paratrooper SKS.
    Thanks for a great product!!
    S.B., Boyceville, Wisconsin

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    I took it (TS100 SKS sight) out today to do the 20yd zero and I am amazed at how easily my Paratrooper hits the bullseye repeatedly. The peepsight took a little getting used to at first, but once I started to ignore it and focus on the front post/target, the aperture sight action took over and my shooting improved dramatically! Can’t wait to try it out at an outdoor range. Just like the SKS I’m not a precision shooter but I’ll bet with your sight there won’t be a safe metal target at the range! …the “no permanent modifications” feature of your sight I think is what is the final sell. Milsurp collector/shooters in the places I hang out want nothing of drills and taps!
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.
    D.L., Newbury Park, California

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    I just received my new TS-100 sight yesterday, and was very amazed at how easy it was to install and remove the old leaf sight on my Russian type 45 SKS. I have been shooting black powder cartridge for years, and understand the use of rear aperture sights needing to be closer to the eye for better eye relief.
    Your instructions for installation of the TS-100 are great and very easy to understand.
    Thank you for making such a fine product for the SKS rifles. I think every owner of an SKS should purchase one of these sights.
    J.E., Kalispell, Montana

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    Just finished evaluating the new SKS sight. Got two from these folks. Installation was fairly easy – hardest part is removing the factory rear sight from my Norinco SKS. The rear sight is secured by a bolt. Very simple to mount.
    Practical accuracy was vastly improved and getting 1.5 inch groups with Federal softpoint ammo was no problem. Best groups formerly were about 3 inches. (That was at 60 yards from a bench)
    Three RKIs I showed the rifle/sight system to were very impressed. I’m very impressed and highly recommend them.
    A.T., Columbia, South Carolina

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    Product Review: Tech-Sights TS100

    The Product:
    The Tech-Sight TS100 is an add-on rear sight for the SKS family of weapons. It is designed to add the popular aperture-type of sighting picture to the rifle. There are two apertures in the A2-style, one being intended for 0-200yd shooting, and the other for 300+ yds. The TS-100 is adjustable for windage. Elevation adjustment is accomplished via the front post. An SKS/AK type front sight tool is required (not included with sight).

    The design of the sight and its placement on the weapon increases the sighting radius by 10”. This fact lends to the supposition that more accurate sighting is possible.
    picture taken from

    Installing the Unit:
    It is very rare to receive a product that is accompanied by so much information. There are instructions for removing the existing rear sight, installing the TS100, sight adjustment, and an included spare parts list, should any ever be needed. There are innumerable and invaluable amounts of diagrams and photos.

    A complete walk-through of assembly and installation can be found at Basically, it is very easy to install. The only trick is removing the receiver cover latch and pin. The cross pin is pressed in and takes a little persuading to get it free. Just remember to have a good set of steel punches and a stable place to work (anvil or solid bench block recommended).

    The Test:
    The sight unit was mounted to a Yugo 59/66a1 SKS. It is a ’71-manufacture, and is not one of the “new/unissued” specimens. Of course, the TS-100 will fit any make of SKS, though some wood may need to be removed first. I did not have to do so.

    In order to test the assertion of “increased accuracy potential,” I first fired five 3-shot groups with the factory sight set-up. I then fired five 3-shot groups once the TS-100 was installed. All groups were fired at a distance of 50yds. Shooting was done from a sandbag rest. The ammunition used was Wolf 122gr. FMJ.

    I also fired one test group of three rounds after removing the sight and reinstalling it. This was done to verify the claim of precise return-to-zero capability of the sight unit.

    The Results:

    Though I did not experience a drastic improvement in aggregate group size, there was a marked improvement in group consistency. With the stock sights, the difference between the largest group and the smallest was 2.25”, while the Tech-Sight groups showed a maximum variance of only .75”. I find this to be a very significant outcome. It is no doubt attributable to the improved sight picture gained with the TS-100 unit, and the longer sight radius.

    The group that was fired after the sight unit was uninstalled and replaced showed no appreciable shift in mean bullet impact. Clearly it is the result of a quality product.

    Best group fired with Tech-Sight installed.


    I think I am in love. The aperture set-up is head and shoulders above the stock SKS sights. The only drawback to improved accuracy with the TS100 installed is the shape/width of the front sight blade. If it were thinner, a more precise hold could be achieved. The post fully obscures a 4” circle at 50yds. A 6 o’clock sight picture is required. I intend to acquire a spare front post and thin it down and install it on the rifle.

    I am anxious to shoot the rifle at the 100yd distance and see what it can do. With confidence, I can say I believe the experienced gain in accuracy at longer ranges will be greater. I admit to having been raised on “glass” and do not think highly of my skills with an open sight. I hope the aperture sight will help overcome this deficiency, and maybe even wow some of the “Garand-folks” at the range with how well a properly outfitted SKS can shoot.

    If you haven’t looked closely at the Tech-Sights, I urge you to do so. Using this set-up makes shooting a fun gun even more enjoyable. Couple that with the inexpensive price of fodder, and hours of fun surely ensue.
    The sights sell for about $50.00 at, which is well worth it. It is a better spend than a cheap scope and receiver cover mount, IMO.

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