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CZ452 Adjustable Aperture Sights


ADJUSTABLE APERTURE SIGHT FOR THE CZ 452®Military Training Rifle,452®,ULTRA LUX, 455® FS* & 455® LUX* RIFLES


  • “GI” type post and aperture sight picture.
  • Increases sight radius by 6 1/2”
  • All Steel Construction.
  • Rear sight Windage & Elevation adjustable with detent locking.
  • Easy installation with no drilling or tapping required.

cz guards

Note: This is a picture comparing the front sight guard on the 452 with the front sight ramp as a barrel band and the new 455 LUX front sight ramp that is held on the barrel with a screw.

Some of the newer CZ rifles have a front sight ramp held on with a screw. Our CZ front sight guard will snap into position before it is flush with the end of the barrel on the sight ramps held in place with a screw (see top image). It will function fine, but the guard extends past the end of the barrel slightly.  (One fix is to drill and tap a new hole behind the existing front sight ramp screw hole so the front sight will mount further back and the guard will be flush with the muzzle.)

The front sight ramps that aren’t held on with a screw (see bottom image) will work fine with our front sight guard.


QWill it fit a Scout or 513 Model?
A – The CZ200 requires a front sight ramp – Our Marlin front sight tower would mount to the barrel of the Scout or 513 but would require a 6-48 hole to be tapped approx. 1 1/8” back from the muzzle on the top of the barrel. Order the TSM200 sight set. The rear assembly is the same for both models.
QWill the Tech-SIGHTS rear assembly clamp on a CZ 11mm rail?
A – Yes, the rear sight will fit on an 11mm rail. The CZ 3/8″ rail is slightly larger than other manufacturers 3/8″ rails so our sight may need slight hand filing to fit the 3/8″ CZ rail.
Q – Do I need one of your tools to adjust the sight and if so which one?
A – The windage can usually be adjusted with your fingers and if it is a little stiff a penny in the slot of the windage screw will work. The elevation dial can be moved with a pointed object like the tip of a golf tee. The TS211 has a small spanner wrench on it that will work on the elevation dial and the windage knob so it makes the job easier.


Assembly Instructions (PDF)


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