for the SKS rifle



Rugged Incremental Windage plus
Elevation Adjustment with detent locking.

SKS Rifle with 'TS200'
aluminum frame Elevation Adjustable Aperture Sight

TS200 aluminum frame

Tech-SIGHTS, LLC has produced two rugged, precise sighting solutions for the SKS rifle with the following features:
  • Does not require drilling or tapping to create a solid mount to the receiver.
  • Mounts the sight closer to the shooter's eye, giving the shooter a sight picture similar to the M1 Garand and M16 military rifles.
  • Increases the sighting radius by 10" over sights mounted in front of the receiver.
  • Returns to zero after removal.
  • Uses incremental windage adjustment with rugged detent locking.
  • The TS100 utilizes apertures (both .062 dia.) from the time proven M16A1 rifle. This gives the shooter a wide choice of apertures including National Match, Tritium, Combat, etc.
  • The TS200 includes a single elevation adjustable aperture (.062 dia.) with detent locking.
  • The aluminum sight frame is constructed of high strength aluminum and hard coat anodized with black oxide steel components.
  • The steel sight frame is constructed of high strength steel with black oxide finish and black oxide steel components.
  • Patented design.




                 SKS Tech-Sights
            with Steel Frame Assembly
            Built Stronger and Tougher for Extreme Rugged Use

   Model TS100 Steel Frame Rear View


TS100 Steel Frame - $68.00 Each


Model TS200 Steel Frame Rear View

TS200 Steel Frame - $82.00 Each


Assembly Instructions - PDF file. Click HERE.

Parts Sheet and Adjusting Instructions
TS100 - PDF file.  Click HERE.

Parts Sheet and Adjusting Instructions
TS200 - PDF file.  Click HERE.

We also offer the TS220 which is an Elevation Adjustable aperture assembly. By purchasing this elevation assembly,
a TS100 can be converted to a TS200 configuration.
(This is not a stand alone sight).

TS220 - $19.00 Each

Model TS100 Steel Frame Top Left View

Standard dual (.062)apertures:
           0-200 yards
           300 + yards
Both apertures are .062 but one is taller.



     Model TS200 Steel Frame Side Left View

Model TS200 Steel Frame Top View



SKS Sight YouTube Video Review
NUTNFANCY recently did a review titled "SKS Tech-Sights: Hit Something"
He discusses Tech-Sights for the SKS rifle.

To visit YouTube and watch the video, click HERE:

Video courtesy of The Nutnfancy Project.  
See for other high quality,
unbiased gear reviews and gear adventures. Used with permission.


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