TSM200 Adjustable Aperture Sight
              for the MARLIN
60® & 795® Rifle             


TSM200 Aperture Sight 
$69.00 (includes front and rear sight)




¨ “GI” type post and aperture sight picture.

¨ Increases sight radius by 6”.

¨ Includes front and rear sight.

¨ Rear sight Windage & Elevation adjustable with detent locking.

¨ Easy installation with no drilling or tapping required.


PDF File of Assembly Instructions - Click HERE.


Marlin Sight YouTube Video Review
NUTNFANCY recently did a thorough review of the Marlin 795 rifle. He discusses Tech-Sights for the Marlin at 19:30 in the timeline of the video. To visit YouTube and watch the video, click on this picture:

Video courtesy of The Nutnfancy Project.  See www.youtube.com/nutnfancy for other high quality, unbiased gear reviews and gear adventures. Used with permission.

Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle Review
Photos and review by Oleg Volk.
Click HERE.

Project Appleseed Forum post
Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle Review and Range Report
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Marlin Sight Testimonials  
With the Tech-Sights Marlin Model 60 aperture sights I feel like I am shooting a whole new rifle. With these sights I can see and hit small targets at the distances I knew my Marlin was capable of reaching. Shooting offhand at 25 yards I have progressed from 6-8” groups to 1” groups. The difference is like putting on your first pair of glasses and realizing once again that trees have individual leaves.
M.B.  Nashville, TN


Ordered a set of Tech Sights from you for my Marlin 795 in August, and let me just say that these sights are wonderful! The quality of Tech Sights' materials and design really are second to none, and they look fantastic as well as improve longer range shooting accuracy. Groupings using Tech Sights are about 50% tighter than Marlin 795 stock sights for me. 100% satisfied with your product and will enthusiastically recommend these sights to others. Your prices are very reasonable, given the superior quality of your sights design and materials used to make them. Wishing you nothing but success!
Warm Regards,
T. C.
Mont Clare, PA





 Q - I want to buy the TSM200 for my Marlin model 60, do I need one of your tools to adjust the sight and if so which one?

  A - The windage can usually be adjusted with your fingers and if it is a little stiff a penny in the slot of the windage screw will work. The elevation dial can be moved with a pointed object like the tip of a golf tee. The TS211 has a small spanner wrench on it that will work on the elevation dial and the windage knob so it makes the job easier.

(See Accessories page).


  Q - Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Papoose Model 70P and 70PSS?

  A- Yes - it will also fit the Marlin 70HC and 75C.


  Q - Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Model 99M1?

  A- The rear sight will clamp on the receiver. The original front sight will need to be removed and a hole drilled and tapped in the barrel to mount the front sight from the TSM200 sight package.


    Q - Will your TSM200 fit the Marlin Model 995?

    A - Yes it will fit the Model 995.


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Hartsville, SC  29550
Phone: 1-843-332-8222

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