for the CZ 452
Military Training Rifle,
           452®ULTRA LUX, 455® FS & 455® LUX RIFLES             


CZ200 Aperture Sight 
$69.00 (includes front and rear sight)




¨ “GI” type post and aperture sight picture.

¨ Increases sight radius by 6 1/2”.

¨ All Steel Construction.

¨ Rear sight Windage & Elevation adjustable with detent locking.

¨ Easy installation with no drilling or tapping required.


Q - Will it fit a Scout or 513 Model?

      A - The CZ200 requires a front sight ramp - Our Marlin front sight tower would mount to the barrel of the Scout or 513 but would require a 6-48 hole to be tapped approx. 1 1/8” back from the muzzle on the top of the barrel. Order the TSM200 sight set. The rear assembly is the same for both models.

      Q - Will the Tech-SIGHTS rear assembly clamp on a CZ 11mm rail?

      A - Yes, the rear sight will fit on an 11mm rail. The CZ 3/8" rail is slightly larger than other manufacturers 3/8" rails so our sight may need slight hand filing to fit the 3/8" CZ rail.


      Q - Do I need one of your tools to adjust the sight and if so which one?

      A - The windage can usually be adjusted with your fingers and if it is a little stiff a penny in the slot of the windage screw will work. The elevation dial can be moved with a pointed object like the tip of a golf tee. The TS211 has a small spanner wrench on it that will work on the elevation dial and the windage knob so it makes the job easier.

(See Accessories page).



PDF File of Assembly Instructions - Click HERE.



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