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Picture of Erik with 7 point buck.  He shot the deer while it was running about 80 yds from him using his Yugo SKS with a TS200 and a target front post.


"I took my SKS shooting today for the first time since installing the TS-200. I just wanted to say that it made a world of difference. My groupings were tighter, target acquisition was faster, sight radius much longer, and it was so much easier to focus on the target than it was using my old v-notch style sights. I found it very similar to shooting an M1 Garand or Ar-15. This was definitely the best money I've ever spent on my SKS, and I would recommend it to any SKS owner. Just wanted to say thanks."
H.L., Nacogdoches, Texas



Davis Tactical Solutions







"Ruger & SKS Sights"

Hello. Wanted to drop a note on how extremely satisfied I am with your products. When I was a young lad many, many moons ago, I learned how to shoot with open sights and to this day I have stayed true to that teaching from my Dad.  Well here it is 45 years later and I discovered your company on the web while looking for some parts for a project I had going. About a year or so ago I purchased my first set of Tech-Sights for my Ruger 10/22.  The installation is a breeze and the quality of the hardware is first class.  I get together with my shooting buddies on the weekends and we compete against each other for bragging rights.  When I showed up with my 10/22 without the scope they thought there was no way I was going to be able to compete with them at a 100 yard setup.  Needless to say I proved them wrong!   All 4 of them had scopes on their rifles and shot for shot not one of them could match the accuracy with my Tech-Sight  setup.  No more trash talking about me and my open sights! 
  Recently, I acquired an SKS which I  proceeded to make a project rifle. I checked your web sight and saw the setup for the SKS.  I was elated!  The addition of the Tech-Sight system has exponentially increased the accuracy. The materials and workmanship are first class and, like my 10/22, installation was not difficult whatsoever. 
I could not be more satisfied with your products.  Excellent workmanship, design, high quality materials and complete and easy to follow instructions make your products superior!  Thanks, and feel free to share this testimonial. 
One very Happy Customer,
in Fuquay-Varina, NC


"Greetings Tech-Sights,
    Last year I purchased a TS200 for my Russian SKS rifle. While several SKS owners thought that I took away from the looks of my SKS, they quickly saw how much more accurate the SKS became using this rear peep sight system that should have been standard on the SKS from its birth.
   You just can not help hold center and hit POA using the TS200 sight. I
t is by far the best sight created for the SKS rifle, BAR NONE!
    I will be hunting in Hawaii on the Big Island in some real thick stuff for pigs and goats. I have no doubt just how the rifle will perform in those conditions.
   Just wanted to give you an update and my opinion on the TS200."

Jon in Montana


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"I just received my new TS-100 sight yesterday, and was very amazed at how easy it was to install and remove the old leaf sight on my Russian type 45 SKS. I have been shooting black powder cartridge for years, and understand the use of rear aperture sights needing to be closer to the eye for better eye relief.
Your instructions for installation of the TS-100 are great and very easy to understand.

Thank you for making such a fine product for the SKS rifles. I think every owner of an SKS should purchase one of these sights."
J.E., Kalispell, Montana


"Just finished evaluating the new SKS sight. Got two from these folks. Installation was fairly easy - hardest part is removing the factory rear sight from my Norinco SKS. The rear sight is secured by a bolt. Very simple to mount.
Practical accuracy was vastly improved and getting 1.5 inch groups with Federal softpoint ammo was no problem. Best groups formerly were about 3 inches. (That was at 60 yards from a bench)
Three RKIs I showed the rifle/sight system to were very impressed. I'm very impressed and highly recommend them."  

A.T., Columbia, South Carolina


"I took it (TS100 SKS sight) out today to do the 20yd zero and I am amazed at how easily my Paratrooper hits the bullseye repeatedly. The peepsight took a little getting used to at first, but once I started to ignore it and focus on the front post/target, the aperture sight action took over and my shooting improved dramatically! Can't wait to try it out at an outdoor range. Just like the SKS I'm not a precision shooter but I'll bet with your sight there won't be a safe metal target at the range! ...the "no permanent modifications" feature of your sight I think is what is the final sell. Milsurp collector/shooters in the places I hang out want nothing of drills and taps!
Keep up the good work and thanks again."

D.L., Newbury Park, California


"My Yugo is shooting very well with your sight. Original sights w/Wolf ammo gave me 5-6" ten shot groups at 100 yards. With your sight and Wolf ammo, I consistently averaged 3-3.5" 10 shot groups with 1 or 2 flyers (usually 6 or more inches from the group). I tried out Federal's American Eagle and Winchester's 123gr FMJ today. The American Eagle consistently shoots 2.75" ten shot groups (no flyers), which is the limit of my ability at 100 yards.
I'll keep my eyes open for the elevation-adjustable model. I'll likely get one for my Norinco paratrooper SKS.
Thanks for a great product!!"
S.B., Boyceville, Wisconsin


"I just wanted to thank you and laud praise upon your development of a dynamite sight system for the SKS. I have tried many different sight systems and so far, you have stole the show. I purchased one of your sights in February and installation was a breeze. I have a Yugoslav SKS and with your sight and hand load development, I shot a 0.93 inch group at 100 yards (two groups of three shots) yesterday at the Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club.

I never thought that I could achieve accuracy this good with the SKS using iron sights. Your product has helped me reach that goal and I would not hesitate at all to use this system for hunting applications.
Thanks again for a terrific sight system and I greatly look forward to a deer hunt or two with this setup."
Robert N., North Carolina 


"Took my TS100 out to the range again today on my Yugo. Keep in mind that my eyes are NOT very good any more, but I put all 100 rounds inside the 7-ring at 50 yds. The vast majority though, were inside the 8-ring. The range master was giving me a hard time about "rapid fire". He insisted that I'd need at least three seconds between shots. I asked him if I could prove that I could put 10 rounds in the 10-ring in10 seconds, would he would let me continue to shoot that way. He agreed, so I put up a new target and easily proved it. He asked to try it and was VERY impressed as to how quickly your sight allows the shooter to get back on target. He gave me no more grief about "rapid fire."
W.R., Jacksonville, Florida


"I was recently planning to attend a 2-Day Practical Rifle course at Front Sight, and since my old eyes give me fits with the sights on my SKS, I decided to install a set of your TS200 sights.
Install was easy, and they look good on the gun.
We were sighting in the rifles at 100 yards with 3 shot groups, and went to check and tape the targets. I couldn't believe what I saw. I'd only put 2 rounds on target. I checked the targets to my right and left, nope, I hadn't shot at the wrong target. Now, I've been shooting since the age of 8, and I don't miss the paper. Might not shoot great, but I don't miss paper. I'm a little angry and am kicking the dirt when one of the line coaches comes up and asks what's wrong. I tell him, and he leans in to peer at my target, points to one of the holes and says...
"That's two bullets right there..."
I'd put two shots in the same hole at 100 yards. Now, I know it was a fluke, I know that both the SKS and I can't really shoot like that, but it was your sights that I was looking through when I did it...
Thanks for a great product."

J. P.
Santa Ana, CA
November 2010


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