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What a sight!!! In the past twenty five years I have tested and evaluated hundreds of firearms accessories including dozens of sighting systems for magazine articles. I could honestly say "finally, someone came up with truly affordable, extremely functional and incredibly rugged precision iron sights for the 1022 and SKS. Knowledgeable shooters who admire a quality product specially designed to match or exceed those devices found on high end precision rifles will truly appreciate the Tech-Sight systems. After testing and evaluating the Tech-Sights installed in my own rifles compared to other similar devices out there, I can only say one thing -  "Nothing even comes close". My grouping easily shrank by half from 25 to 100 meters - incredible improvement in accuracy, thanks to those clear sight pictures. I believe in giving credit to where credit is due. So affordable, yet very sophisticated. Tech- Sight products are indeed the very best there is that is available for the 10/22 and SKS rifles. I look forward to see more innovations from you.

J.M. Ramos - Author
Tactical Ruger 10/22 (Paladin Press)


(Scale lines were colored for illustration purposes)
    Model TSR100                         Model TSR200
(Photo by J.M. Ramos)

Model TSR200
(Photo by J.M. Ramos)

Model TSR200
(Photo by J.M. Ramos)


(Photo by J.M. Ramos)

I received my TSR200 sights a few days ago. After mounting according to the directions, snugging everything up, I went to the range yesterday. I must say these sights are THE BEST THING SINCE THE 10/22 WAS INVENTED!
I set this rifle up to shoot at 25yd AQT targets and my buddy is doing the same thing. We want to shoot more and save the centerfire ammo. To obtain an initial zero, I shot off of a rest at 25yds, was getting one hole groups. I have scoped, bull-barrel 10/22s and this one shoots as well as the others with your sights!
I want to thank you for a product that Ruger should have put on the 10/22 when it was introduced. You folks have made plinking and training fun again! Now, I hope you would introduce some sights similar for the 77/22, if the demand was great enough. Maybe something that fit on the back scope mount on the receiver!
Anyway, thanks much and I can't wait to get back to the range!
E. S.
Morganton, NC  (December 2007)
Attention Tech-Sights,
    I placed my order and received my sights the first week they were available for sale.
     If you have not received any feedback on your sights yet let me be the first!
     I installed your sights on one of my older .22 (27 years old to be exact) on our trip to the range with all our buddies with all our high dollar this and power custom that, my old .22 with your new sights was the hit of the day and got TWO FULL BRICKS fired through it! No one could put it down. Just when that poor old .22 thought it was going to get a rest, someone else was putting another 50 rounds through it.
    Thank you for all the great effort that you put in to these sights and I hope you sell a million of them! 
Your new friend in Arizona, 


Great Service, Great Product

I just wanted to thank you for super service and a fantastic product. I ordered a TSR-100 sight system for my my Ruger 10/22 last week. I received and installed it Saturday. The installation was super easy and took less than 15 minutes.

I took it shooting today and I'm amazed with the improved sight picture. I am by no means an expert shooter, but I easily cut my groups at 25 yards in half, compared with the stock Ruger open sights.

Thanks again from a satisfied customer. When I get that SKS I want, I WILL be in touch.

Chesapeake, VA                     

(Photo by J.M. Ramos)

Good day,
I just wanted to write to thank you for making my 10/22 fun again.  I'd built up a scoped, heavy barreled rifle, with trigger job, and then I decided that shooting with a scope was dull.

A month or so ago I ordered your TSR100 with bull barrel adapter and I am very, very pleased with the results.  This thing is a tack driver with great balance.  The sights work perfectly at 50 and 100 yards.

Thanks again. 
Brookings, SD


Amazing Item!

Time and time again we get shooters who have sworn off iron sights. After talking with some of them we realize the only experience they have is with standard factory sights. For the most part the manufacturers are under the assumption that  the sights will be replaced soon after with an after market scope, so little design is put into this crucial part of the rifle.

Tech-Sights pick up where the gunsmiths leave off. You will be surprised how accurate you can shoot with them!

It has made believers out of student after student in our classrooms. We simply wouldn't rely on anything else to earn a living with.

Frank Melloni
TOP SHOT - Season 4 Competitor
Renaissance Firearms Instruction - Owner / Lead Instructor

Renaissance Firearms Instruction - Frank Melloni

Thank you for the outstanding product!
I was building a training rifle to supplement my AR-15 shooting. Well this sight is the best there is!! Easy to install, durable, and very accurate! On my first trip to the range I went through 400 rds, I was so impressed with the sight picture, and how similar it was to my AR!
Good News it works great and is very cool!  Bad News is everyone at the range wanted to try it out!
Well the sight has more than paid for itself, in the money I have saved vs. shooting the AR.
Attached is a pic of the .22 trainer rifle I cooked up.
Your sights are the best addition to the rifle.
Now I have the same sight picture and stock set up as my AR but can practice for pennies!
Thanks for the great product!

St. Louis Park, MN


I bought a set of your peep sights for my Ruger 10/22 and will say that I'm extremely please with them!  I've had scopes and other peep sights on my Ruger, but none are as good as these.  I bought the TSR100 and really like the ability to sight it in at 50 yds. and know that all I have to do is flip the rear sight and it's dead on at 100 yds.  In squirrel hunting where you never know where they will show up, it is really nice.  I recently shot a squirrel at 75 yds. right through the head, shooting off-hand.  I would have never been able to get on target that fast and shoot that accurately with a scope or standard open sights.  Thanks again for making such great sights!!

Another satisfied customer,
Isaac E.
November 2010

Ordered the TSR100 sights for my 10/22. Easy to install and really make the rifle pop!! Looks so much better.

I used to do a lot of shooting many years ago, and always loved shooting iron sights far more than with scopes. I was pretty good and in all honesty, could shoot as well with my 03-A3 and iron as my friends with their scoped deer rifles. We'd shoot groups at 100yds, then move to the steel plates up to 300yds. I could shoot as well as them, often out shooting them. Let's just say they were a little upset!! Then I'd pull out my "secret weapon", the M1 Garand. From that point on, just dial it in and let the metal clanging begin.

Anyways, it's been quite a few years since I did any amount of shooting. Lots of things just got in the way. But the urge to get back finally was too great. Problem is that with the years passing things like eyesight suffer. I wanted a sight picture like my M1 and after researching, the Tech-Sights looked like the best option. My first trip to the range, set up at 25yds. First thing I noticed was how rapidly the sight picture appears, how clear and easily the sights line up. Aperture sights aren't simply a piece of metal with a hole. It's an entire sight picture. And these sights just clicked. The blades line up on the edges of the aperture correctly, the target is perfectly bracketed by the front blades, and fits squarely and proportional to the post. You couldn't ask for a better sight picture. Was using the 0-2 aperture, and shot 2" low and 3" left. A few clicks, a few more groups and clicks, and it was dialed in. Took all of 20 rounds. To test, I flipped up to the 100yd aperture and took a shot at a steel plate at 100yds. Clang!! Right on, even with a decent cross breeze blowing.

Moved to the steel plate range and offhand was consistently hitting 8-9 out of 10 up to 50yds. Then I set up my front rifle rest bag on the table and while kneeling, I was hitting the plates 8-9 out of 10 at 100yds. These weren't the big animal plates, but the typical 12" round and square plates. Keep in mind my 10/22 is completely stock, except of course for the sights. Even wearing eyeglasses, the sight is so clear. And the sights are in the right position, comfortable to shoot for a long time.

The sights are an absolutely amazing and perfect complement for the 10/22. They remind me so much of my beloved M1. I'd almost forgotten how easy it is to shoot with good aperture sights, but thankfully I was reminded by Tech-Sights. I should have bought them a long time ago. I am so impressed by the sights. I absolutely LOVE them!!!

Last weekend took my 9 year old to shoot for the first time. Yeah I know - Late start!! Anyways he was shooting off a sandbag and within just a few minutes was easily ringing the plates out to fifty.

It's great when old guys can shoot well again and young kids can shoot well the first time out.

Castaic, CA
January 2013

Recently I bought a set of TSR100 sights to complete a total restoration of an abused Ruger 10/22. The sights enable me to do with that Ruger 10/22 what could have only been done with a costly scope. I can consistently and accurately engage targets from 25 yards to 200 yards with ease. My friends are constantly amazed at how easy it is to hit the 100 and 150 yard steel plates at our local range. They have also put Tech-SIGHTS on most of their rifles.
I also appreciate the toughness of your Tech-SIGHTS. This toughness was recently put to the test. During a cease fire at our local range, a boy went to retrieve a push broom to help his father sweep up his brass. However, he wasn't paying attention and knocked my 10/22 clean off of my rifle rest. The gun literally flew five feet into the air and landed upside down on the Tech-SIGHTS onto a concrete floor. Horrified, I picked up my rifle to inspect the damage. The Tech-SIGHTS were severely scraped up and the left protective ear on the rear sight was bent in. Immediately I loaded 10 rounds and proceeded to take aim at the 100 yard plate. To the utter surprise of everyone at the range all ten shots hit their mark! The sights look hideous but point of impact was not affected in the least. Needless to say, there will be many more converts buying Tech-SIGHTS. Thank you for making such a high quality product.

Sincerely and gratefully,
April 2013

My Experience
I bought the TSR 200 for my 10/22.  Took it to the range to zero it.  No BS, BEST possible enhancement I could have selected.  Very easy to get it sighted in.  Great product.  I have no idea why this is not the standard sight for Ruger.  Thanks!

Jon K.
April 2015




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